Friends & Family FAQ

Ordering The Forme

Pre-order vs order. What’s the difference?

We anticipate high demand at our public launch. Those who have placed a pre-order will receive priority when we begin taking orders later this year.

Why should I pre-order?

Your pre-order will put you first in line to receive a Forme, ensuring that during our first run, a Forme will be reserved specifically for you.

You’ll also be joining our elite Friends of FORME Life community — giving you special access to early access demos, content previews, community events, offers, and more.

Is my pre-order refundable?

Your pre-order is fully refundable at any time. Just email us at

How do I convert my pre-order to an order?

As soon as we begin taking orders, we’ll be in touch. Those who have placed pre-orders will be the first to have the opportunity to order the Forme.

How much does the Forme cost?

Pricing for the Forme and FORME Life membership will be announced at our public launch, later this year.

Delivery & Installation

I live outside of the US. Can I pre-order a Forme?

We are currently accepting pre-orders from all countries. Regional rollouts will be prioritized based on demand. Customers will be advised of their likely delivery window closer to launch.

When can I expect delivery of my Forme?

FORME Life is aiming to complete first installs in Fall/Winter 2020. Delivery dates will be announced at our public launch, later this year.

Who will install my Forme?

Your Forme will be delivered by our white glove delivery and can be freestanding or wall-mounted, according to your personal aesthetic or requirements of your space.

Media Inquiries

I’m a member of the press. How do I get more information?

Members of the press are invited to contact us at